Resigned to forgive

I suppose it suppose it serves us all right, doesn’t it? We’ve been clamouring for a resignation all week… and then we get the wrong one. Wirral MP Stephen Hesford felt he couldn’t go on working with Baroness Scotland after her employment of an illegal entrant was exposed. Yes, she is still the attorney general. But beyond the immediate issue of her suitability for the post, it leaves me wondering what our motivation is when calling so loudly for someone to step down. Would I be equally happy for the court of public opinion to trawl through my expenses and private arrangements and let my future depend on whether someone launches a campaign on one inconsistency? On Monday, Victoria Derbyshire introduced Jeremy Browne MP as the one who claimed 38p for a KitKat chunky. This precipitated a series of questions on the chocolaty purchase. And the gospel of self-righteousness was heard loud and clear.

Our gospel, however, is its opponent- the gospel of grace. As believers we have no option but to treat our fellow human beings in the same way that we’ve been treated: with total forgiveness- the theme of this week’s CARE prayer guide. Sometimes, it is right that someone forfeits their role because of indiscretion. But before we get too insistent perhaps we ought to ponder our own motives. Is it for the protection of others? Or is it to feel a little bit better about ourselves? We wouldn’t want to be proclaiming another gospel, would we?


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