Benny & Barak

Answering the door can be an exciting business. You never know who’s there until you take the plunge and greet the visitor/imposter with a cheesy grin/fraught grimace. Last week it was ‘Hi, I’m Brian the fish man’. An unusual combination for cloning, I thought. But what if everyone who wanted to knock on your door had to make an appointment in advance and file papers for your verification? It would filter out more than a sign saying:

‘No free newspapers. No charity bags. No salesmen. (and pretty much no anyone else)’

Would life be better if only blood relatives and members of the Bridge club committee (5 years service unblemished) knocked on your door?

This week we have the curious case of Benny Hinn cancelling his appearances to preach and proclaim the miraculous because the Home Office won’t let him in. Apparently, he poses some sort of risk (panic in the streets of London, Dublin, Dundee, Humberside etc.) and was missing a piece of paperwork. He therefore cannot be allowed to address mass audiences in the East End. It’s understandable that in the wake of 9/11 and 7/7 some checks and balances are in place to prevent terrorists entering the country. But why Benny? How many healing rallies have MI5 agents been attending recently? A couple of weeks back we had the visit of Ehud Barak former defence minister of Israel who gained entry only after securing diplomatic immunity from prosecution for directing the Gaza offensive. It seems curious that one is denied entry for what might result (however tenuous) and another is allowed entry despite having the possibility of prosecution for something he has done. Now I’m no big fan of Benny and I have some sympathy for Barak (especially on his role in the peace process) but would I be the only one thinking there’s an inconsistency here?


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