A new IP address?

This very second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography. 20% of images involve children (whether the viewers know it or not). The internet has been likened to the ‘perfect drug delivery system’- on demand, in private and with plentiful varieties. There are some who argue so what- it’s just a private matter. Others of us are not so sure. Addiction is a strong word to use but the numbers of hours consumed looking at this stuff are truly staggering- if a greater time waster has been invented I’ve yet to hear about it. But it’s not simply the time; it’s the effect on those producing it, consuming it and their families.

I once bought an adult magazine. I was 17ish and sweating profusely. It was the first and last. The sheer hurdle of going to a shop and grabbing something off the top shelf was truly frightening. I’m thankful there was no internet when I was a teenager.

A suggestion has been kicking around to create a new domain name: .xxx for new ‘adult’ sites. This would seem sensible- although some in the industry believe it to be restricting trade to create a virtual red-light district. But it doesn’t go far enough- existing adult websites would not be forced to relocate. Why not? There are massive international challenges in attempting to regulate such a thing and I know that the web trumpets libertarian freedoms by its very nature. Plus the vested interests of an industry that’s worth over $97 Billion dollars. But how about a little political muscle? After all, it wouldn’t ban anything extra but it would categorise this material so that users know what they’re going to get if they type in the requisite suffix.

We’re called to live in the light. It’s harder for people to do that if we don’t know what is light and what is dark. Many have become entrapped in the slavery of porn addiction by inadvertantly stumbling across a website and getting hooked. It would be better if we knew what was there before we went looking. It’s not all that we’d want but it might help vast numbers who might otherwise be drawn in to a miserable battle.

If you want further information about this issue please click here.


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