Effects of the sexual revolution?

This morning we have a really interesting article from Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on one effect of the sexually licentious nature of modern Britain. A phrase that jumped up and grabbed me by the throat was this ‘the collapse of restraint in our societies is breeding sicknesses and madness, and may be pushing some Muslims to the edge of reason.’  As a Christian, in a country where we can still have great influence, I felt shame. What does neighbour love look like when it comes to a sexualised culture? Surely we must be speaking louder and clearer about the need to protect young people in their most developmental years from the constant push to find their identities through the competitive sport that has become sexual practice.  When the response of communities is to shut off and create their own parallel universe we must be prepared to ask the difficult questions. And when individuals are then prepared to die and take many others with them, it is not good enough for us to make it out to be simply their twisted logic. Tough on terrorism, yes; but tough on the causes of terrorism? That’s pretty uncomfortable for most of us. We, the Christian community, must be prepared to take our share of the blame. We haven’t been prepared to make our voice heard for fear of alienation.

Yes, there is a challenge for us. Communicating Christian values in the area of sexual permissiveness runs the constant risk of us looking like killjoy prudes. Sex is good: God created it. The requirement on us is not to convey revulsion but to demonstrate that we desire change to give people a purer, healthier and ultimately more enjoyable experience of life. If we believe that Jesus came to give us life to the full then love for our neighbour will necessitate this. And we might just discover that there are millions of others thinking and feeling the same. ‘Without revelation the people cast off restraint’ (Proverbs 29:18) Who’s responsible for delivering this revelation?

For information on a healthy approach to Sex and Relationships Education in Schools see here.


2 thoughts on “Effects of the sexual revolution?

  1. Gareth,
    Your link to information on a healthy approach to Sex and Relationships Education doesn’t seem to be working. As someone doing a lot of work in this field I’d be interested to know what you’re linking to.


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