a little bit against discrimination?

The most timely research spurs us into action at just the right moment. Dr Dan Boucher’s report ‘A little bit against discrimination’ is a balanced yet piercing examination of the equalities legislation that is currently being considered by the House of Lords. It examines some of the history of the principles involved in previous bills and the competing hierarchies of strands within equalities legislation. Lord Mackay (the former Lord Chancellor) has described it as ‘… an important and insightful contribution to the equality debate.’ It really is a must-read for all those concerned about the threat to religious freedom posed by the latest proposals to control staff appointments by faith-based organisations. Not only that but there are huge implications for issues of conduct contrary to doctrinal teaching and for the entire future of Christian welfare provision. As Dan Boucher points out, it will leave judges making decisions about doctrinal matters, how important and how relevant they are. Is this where we desire the future of the church to be decided? Do we believe that for example sexual ethics has any relevance to positions of Christian leadership?

This is a matter on which we can’t afford to be left in the dark. to find out more about the issue click  here. To purchase a copy of the book click here.


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