getting engaged

It may seem a day too late to be talking about getting engaged; nonetheless here is the best place to be attached throughout the run-up to the general election. Taking into consideration all the latest advice, CARE’s election website has a must-read hustings guide for all those hoping to quiz candidates on the key issues along with Bible studies looking at reasons for engagement in society.

Perhaps the most innovative feature is the ‘my manifesto’ section that features contributions from leading Christian figures giving their take on policies they’d like to see taken forward in the election campaign.  These will roll out over the coming weeks, so far we have Bishop Mike Hill warning about changes to National Insurance that could stifle employment prospects and today, David Coffey profiles the indefinite detention of children in immigration centres here in the UK (as one child has put it ‘detention is for bad and naughty children…’) These will definitely get us thinking.

So it’s time we got hitched to the idea that our voices can make a difference. Candidates want our involvement- the most common question I’m asked at present is ‘why is Christian opinion marginalised?’ The reality is that, despite some setbacks, politicians want to hear from us and we have a unique role to play. To highlight one aspect, Desmond Swayne MP urged a particular form of involvement ‘Every other organisation has given up on hosting hustings – don’t let the church pass up on this golden opportunity.’  Amen to that.


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