dirty cash I want you dirty cash I need you

Well, it’s all getting a little nasty, isn’t it? Just as we feared, now the polls have started to tighten the politicians are succumbing to the temptation to make personal attacks and then to counter-smear as a form of damage limitation.  Is this what we really want to be the mood of the campaign and the decisive factor for casting our votes? Going to these lengths to attempt to gain power is an ugly reality and it’s one we should do our utmost to resist. Whilst a careful look at someone’s character is a key part of assessing their eligibility for leadership (try taking the elders test, 1 Timothy 3), character assassination is quite something else. One desires change for everyone’s benefit, the other just wants them out of the game (never mind the collateral damage).

So it’s with a heavy heart we read of this latest development in political campaigning. Of course, Stuart Wheeler is not the first, the worst or the last to attempt buying influence- it happens all too frequently. But this has become a very personal battle in Buckingham, where Europe and the expenses scandal have provided a heady cocktail for political knockabout. And stacks of cash for one candidate can only make it all the more sordid. When the stakes are high, the moral conduct heads in the opposite direction. Or so it seems.

We should redouble our efforts to put issues on the agenda without recourse to slander, innuendo or smear. Kingdom values are not sold cheaply. Power always has the ability to corrupt. Maybe we could demonstrate something else in the coming weeks, that dirty cash is not what we want or need. Healthy investment? That’s entirely different.


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