CARE host UK launch of Call + Response

CARE are delighted to announce today that the film ‘Call + Response’ will be launched in the UK as a major event of the Pentecost Festival. The film tackles the huge and growing issue of human trafficking through stories from the frontline along with contributions from academics, politicians and performances by Moby, Natasha Bedingfield, Switchfoot and many others. It was conceived in the mind of musician Justin Dillon whilst touring Russia and hearing accounts of fake job opportunities luring girls into forced prostitution. On returning home he set about creating a film that would tell the story of modern-day human trafficking. There was one big challenge:  he had no money or experience of the film industry. By enlisting the help of activist Daryl Hannah, the project gained momentum as more and more well-known artists pledged their support to a not-for-profit charity; Call and Response was born.

The film links the common thread of slavery from the slave ships of the 18th century through to the brick kilns and brothels of today. It informs of the oppression and injustice that is being done to countless millions today- a multitude who have no voice. But Call + Response is not simply about information; as it name suggests it’s a call to action.

We hope you will join this worldwide movement for change. Justin Dillon will be joining us to share his inspiration and vision for the film before we watch it together in the historic Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill on Saturday May 22nd. Afterwards, there will be opportunities to get involved in the campaign. As he has put it ‘Justice is what love looks like in public’.

For details about how to book your place at this event click here.

For other information about Call + Response click here.

For further information about the Pentecost Festival click here.


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