making a worthy investment?

So the news is thick this morning with ‘lobbygate’ stories of MPs setting themselves up, in the words of one as ‘cabs for hire’. You’d have thought that with the publicity of the expenses scandal being so fresh in voters minds that chastened MPs might be a little more scrupulous. Ah, I see, these individuals aren’t facing the electorate in the next few weeks- no wonder their colleagues are incandescent with rage. So it’s rather heartening to watch this clip of the man who has it all making a deliberate effort to benefit others with his riches. As one who benefited from the ‘ministry’ of Kwik Save when times were tough, I’m delighted to see that the profits are being put to good use. Rather than following the well-trod path of the rich fool (cf. Luke 12:13-21) he’s doing a little redistribution in the here-and-now.

Those who know God, recognise that our security lies elsewhere. Maybe it’s time we had another look at what our finances are doing. Do they demonstrate where our heart lies? Or have we simply imbibed the spirit of the age and invested in ourselves? Not all of us have millions to spare, granted. But it’s not a question of what we might do in that situation, it’s all about what we do with what we have been given. And if we dwell too long on the former then, beware, we increase the possibility of becoming little more than ‘a cab for hire.’


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