stories for boys

OK I’ll admit it, I am of that generation that qualifies me to be obsessive about U2 in their earliest days. So using the title of one of those songs where Larry Mullen Jr. does his best to systematically destroy the drum kit was too good an opportunity to miss. But it does seem apt given the power of story so wonderfully communicated on Saturday at the Cardiff Men’s Convention. Charles Price guided us through the only post-resurrection narrative book in the Bible, heroic accounts of the Holy Spirit inspiring the new born church to speak out with authority about the risen Christ. Lindsay Brown gave us a series of professional figures around the world who have taken a bold stand for their Christian faith, often in a context of menacing threat. Graham Daniels wove his own testimony into Acts 15 & 16 where Paul and his colleagues lead a Roman Jailer and his household to faith in Christ. Graham admitted how unlikely a convert he was, determined atheist, dedicated sportsman and in awe of Uncle Harold the striking miner with a certain female prime minister in his sights. When he returned from sports college to announce his new found joy in Christ, his uncle greeted him with opposition and derision. He reminded him that religion was ‘the opium of the masses’ (Marx) and that ‘they’ll have your money’. Years of walking with Christ later, Graham powerfully declared ‘Harold was wrong.’ It was a tremendous finish to a pulsating day. We ‘boys’ needed to hear these stories, from scripture and from our fellow saints because we so often settle for second best. We try to live the life on our own, when we were never designed to. There is richness, encouragement and the inspiration to live heroically when we tell one another the stories of faith. So let’s consign DIY Christianity to the dustbin of always-going-to-fail experiments and find out what going on in one another’s lives. That’s what real living is all about.


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