history makers?

history makers - the single

Invade the airwaves are a team with a mission- bringing together Christian social networking capital to put a song right at the top of the charts for Easter. That song is ‘history maker’ the Delirious? anthem that ‘refuses to die’ according to Martin Smith, interviewed on Radio 5live yesterday. Some have questioned the tactics; that orchestrating such a campaign is somehow unfair to other songs with massive marketing budgets. But given that the mainstream media were never that friendly to Delirious? and that this is a fans’ initiative that has ‘taken us by surprise’ I’m not convinced by those mutterings. Furthermore, the proceeds of the single are being given away to the charities nominated through CompassionArt– the charity founded by Martin and Anna Smith during the final days of Delirious?

But it was one comment quoted on the Church Times blog that grabbed my attention. It said that what they found objectionable was a room full of people singing ‘I’m gonna be a history maker in this land’ when in fact ‘it’s unlikely that even one of them would be’. Leaving aside the fact that what God considers history making may be very different from our perspective, I’m convinced travelling the length and breadth of the country that there is a younger generation coming through who will be making a significant difference in this society. They have rejected the passive navel-gazing faith that many of us sought comfort in in years gone by. Instead, perhaps due to the challenge of a more hostile cultural climate, they are developing a backbone to stand out for kingdom values in the market place. They want to become ‘speakers of truth to all mankind’ and it’s up to us to support them with all we’ve got. If we’re passionate about challenging injustice, then it’s time to stop sniping from the sidelines and get involved. Cynicism is the hope-crusher but love will find a way. And investing 49p or more maybe a very good way to start.

to download History Makers – The single follow the links at invade the airwaves

to find out about the charities already benefiting from CompassionArt click here

to discover more about a training programme in public policy for graduates click here


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