up and running

After all the will-he-wont-he of the last few months we finally have an election (date). All the parties have been working towards this for what seems like forever but now the final wash-up of government bills is underway and the full campaign begins next Monday. Much will be made of how this election differs from others- it will certainly be interesting to see how increased access to digital information affects the way stories turn over in the media. But at its heart there are still the same kind of choices to be made- What kind of society do we want to live in? How can the economic crisis be handled most effectively? To what extent does government set the tone for moral values or follow the trends? How much are we prepared to prioritise helping other, less developed, countries? One thing to keep in the forefront of our minds is that there are less big differences between the parties than they might want you to believe. In an election, it suits them all to make the point that there are big choices to be made (it gets the voters out) and that they have something distinctive to offer (so vote for us). I hope we won’t be hoodwinked by this and that we ask serious probing questions that get beyond the bland pre-processed party line. Fear stalks all politicians especially at election time. Perhaps we need to cut them a bit of slack by not jumping down their throats when doing a little thinking out loud- we might just find something to everyone’s benefit.

Our MyManifesto project has been further developed to tweet policy suggestions in conjunction with the EA. Just post your tweet naming a policy you’d love to see championed during the campaign with the hashtag #mymanifesto.

to keep up to date with our latest election news click here.

to check out our hustings locator click here.

for those planning a hustings event, download our hustings guide here.


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