dirty word?

As former Liberal Democrat Leader Lord Ashdown has put it, “The people have spoken but we don’t know what they’ve said.” So we find ourselves in uncharted waters (at least for this generation). Many of us have said that an era of new politics was required, where tribal loyalties became less prominent and working together became the order of the day. The election result has given our politicians this possibility. None of the parties have got what they wanted, this is not a perfect position for anyone. Whatever our preferred political party, we should give our elected representatives some time to work through a deal. Politics has always been a difficult business because of the necessity of that dirty word- ‘compromise’. It’s not a word we are comfortable with because on foundational areas of Christian doctrine we countenance no thought of watering down our commitments. However, on secondary issues we recognise that accommodation of other views is an important part of being united in the face of more serious opposition- the principalities and powers that wage war against the kingdom of God. So, just as we desire a quick resolution to the current talks, we should support our politicians in the face of the huge challenges our nation faces. We expect them to hold on to their principles but we expect compromise, too. Our nation has not spoken with one voice therefore ground must be given to reach an agreement. And if compromise provides a strong and stable government, able to deal effectively with the challenges of a huge deficit and high unemployment, then it is far from a dirty word.


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