justice is what love looks like in public

Call + Response advert

‘Their plan may be scarily ambitious, but at least it’s free of cynicism’- so says one journalist of the coalition government’s document for a five year parliament. When you’re involved in a campaign to rid the world of human slavery it can be easy to downscale your amibitions as you recognise just what a long-haul it is. So it’s been very refreshing to talk to Justin Dillon as he arrived in the UK ahead of the launch of Call + Response. He’s very realistic about the life-span of one film (‘we’re not going to be around in five years time’) yet is relentlessly optimistic that people want to affect change, right where they are. Whether it be through purchasing ethically sourced clothing or writing to authorities, each step makes headway in turning awareness into action. Film has the ability to take viewers from theoretical supporters into passionate activists because for a short time the audience is immersed in uninterrupted sensory engagement. So much of our lives consist of a collage of broken-up bits of information with no connecting story. Call + Response provides the narrative of modern-day slavery prompting our hearts to cry out ‘enough is enough’. It’s then a question of what we do, a question that will be addressed by Justin and others tomorrow evening. ‘Justice is what love looks like in public’ he once said. Any lovers of the most vulnerable are very welcome to join us at the Coronet Cinema, Notting Hill on Saturday- details here.


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