Is it any of our business?

Is it any of our business to discern Tony Blair’s precise motive(s) for donating the profits of his forthcoming book to help build an injured soldiers’ rehabilitation centre? It seems to be the obsession of the day whether using the terms  ‘blood money’ or ‘guilt money’ referring to his decision to take us into the invasion of Iraq. It probably sheds more light on our incipient cynicism than it does on the former Prime Minister’s reasoning. Justifiable anger against the war is not an excuse for second guessing every subsequent move of Mr Blair.  Jesus was brutally straightforward with his followers about the dangers of judging others (Matthew 7:1-5). Putting ourselves in God’s place assumes our own righteousness and leads to the (temporary) self-satisfaction of condemning another. We all play comparison games in our worst moments and cyncism, the grace-devourer, predetermines that these happen even more frequently. Discerning between truth and error based on facts is one thing but judging motives? That’s a mug’s game. Do I ever do anything with 100% altrusitic motives? Do I love my family with never a thought of the benefits I accrue as a result? If we are still keen to establish the facts around the reasons for going to war then there are inquirys to follow. And Mr Blair should be allowed to give away his profits to good causes without having his spec removed time and again by thousands of us able to walk our very own planks.


2 thoughts on “Is it any of our business?

  1. I totally agree – as someone who took part in the march of 2M people, I feel completely let down by the decision to go to war in Iraq. That said I was a great fan of New Labour prior to the decision. However all of us make mistakes (thankfully few with the consequences of Iraq) and not all of us are able to see things in those terms. However these mistakes do not obliterate the rest of our lives.

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