Report from Bristol on ‘Politics: Why bother?’

On Saturday 75 of us gathered at Woodlands Church in Bristol to participate in a number of seminars and sessions looking at ‘Politics: Why bother?’. Hosted by LoveBristol the various sessions included contributions by Christians in Parliament through the SUSA project. It was an inspiring time due to the diversity of all present and the differing focus of each session. There was very much a sense that worship & justice are interwoven into our humanity leading us to connect with our creator and with his beloved creation. We heard from Christians involved in Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat and Greens, seasoned with observations from an anarchist. We were able to drill down into some of the cut and thrust of elected politics by hearing personal observations and reflections. Stories were told of successes in public policy (e.g. change in law to prosecute those paying for sex with victims of trafficking) and questions were answered about getting to know elected politicians. The feel of the day was very positive, suggesting that change can come about when prayerful, passionate believers follow their calling into the public space. A particular highlight was hearing the testimony of a local youth worker whose impact on her own challenging neighbourhood was truly inspirational- do the police let themselves in to your house to make a cup of tea? And she used to hate them…

For more information about SUSA click here

For more information about LoveBristol click here


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