Time for a principled cover-up?

make-modesty-wraps-lawMike Beecham is a reluctant campaigner. He’s just got fed up with visiting his local Co-op store and seeing  the sexualised front covers of magazines like Nuts, Zoo and Loaded in the faces of those who never requested their presence, especially impressionable children. His request is a simple one- Why can’t such magazines have a ‘modesty wrap’ (i.e. opaque sleeve) around the image on the front cover? This would lead to the casual passer-by not being exposed to pictures designed for titillation. Let’s be clear- this isn’t about banning anything, it’s about the freedom of the public to go about their supermarket shopping without being affected by airbrushed ‘babes’. Those who wish to purchase these magazines would be able to do so in the normal way. He’s tried the approach of a personal complaint with no effect. So now, reinvigorated with the challenge of Christian Vision for Men, he’s giving this campaign one almighty shove in the public sphere. If you care about how women are depicted in the media you might find this cause is for you. If you are concerned about the stereotypes affecting our children you might say now is the time to draw a line. If you believe in freedom of choice you can surely agree that this small but significant change is a step forward. And if you are concerned that the major supermarkets are more concerned about profit than common decency you will find this modest campaign compelling.

As a former editor of FHM said recently (talking of these publications):

‘I think it’s just reached a point where it’s readily accessible porn…’

So let’s treat it as porn and obscure it from the view of most supermarket shoppers.

Will you join in?

Sign the e-petition here.

Follow @modestywraps on Twitter for all the latest news on the campaign


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