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Let’s talk about porn, let’s talk about filters



And so the campaign began. After years of accidents in an area where many families lived, the campaign to reduce the speed limit to 20mph got underway with parents agitating for change. Of course, it wasn’t just children who got injured but parents felt a special responsibility to their offspring. They held many meetings with the council, the police and the Highways Agency and a number of counter arguments were heard. ‘Some drivers are just determined to speed, you won’t stop all of them’, ‘It will restrict those who drive perfectly sensibly at 30mph- why should they be punished?’, ‘It is simply unenforceable’, ‘Surely it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure their children cross the road safely’ and many others. The new limit was agreed but with one proviso: The parents were required to attend a class in road safety with their dependent children before it was instigated. At the final meeting the local headteachers agreed to educate their pupils regularly on the dangers of the road and how to navigate the local area confidently. The results were encouraging. Most speeding traffic was eliminated but some inevitably slipped through. It was shocking to see the complete disregard for safety of some deviant drivers even though the police set up speed traps to catch them. Young children were usually accompanied by their parents but it was seen as somewhat strange when teenagers were- parents had been taught that by the time of leaving Primary School, all pupils should be confident in avoiding the dangers posed by the road. Sadly, there were still occasional casualties but no-one had pretended that this was a perfect system.  

For the best counter-argument to filters read @crimperman ‘Internet blocking will still not protect our children’ http://bit.ly/14GntLe